Tutum Workplace can help and support you with whatever testing plan you utilise.

It is vital that your staff have confidence that the place in which they work is safe and adheres to the Covid compliance rules.

It is therefore essential that employers, as part of their Duty of Care, should not only provide a safe place of work but also give assurance to their staff that shows support during these difficult times.

Testing is still crucial even with a vaccine roll-out. It’s not yet known if having a vaccination will prevent the carrying and transmission of the virus. So testing still needs to be monitored and managed.

Our BE COVID CONFIDENT service is a total technology management solution that works alongside the testing that is carried out. It delivers all compliance requirements and enables your colleagues to have confidence at work.

Our communications technology improves information flow which in turn helps to increase general and mental well-being among your colleagues.

Guests enjoying your premises will also be able to feel that every step has been taken for their health and safety.

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