Should clients wish to source their own tests,

BE COVID CONFIDENT is test agnostic and can support any chosen testing regime.

Tutum Workplace services, including BE COVID SAFE, are not ‘one size fits all’ but are designed to fulfil the particular needs of each client.

We provide an initial free consultation to ascertain client needs (this may include a premises visit) after which we produce a bespoke, cost effective plan for the required solution.

Tutum Workplace can provide a range of tests that, together with BE COVID CONFIDENT, works as a turnkey wrap solution for complete and compliant management of Covid risk in any establishment.

Alongside the chosen test, our BE COVID CONFIDENT solution includes the following:

  • Occupational health premises risk assessment report and recommendations.
  • Provision of award-winning technology for data management, communications and engagement.
  • Clinical governance, compliance and PHE reporting.
  • Provision of our Workplace Health Certificate for proof of test results or vaccinations.
  • If required, we offer testing by qualified and certified medical practitioners.
  • Premise’s supervision, oversight and administration.

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