Hospitality Veteran Stephen Evans joins Tutum Workplace to help support the Covid challenges faced by his industry.

We are pleased to announce that to support the continued work by the Tutum Workplace team to provide industry with safe establishments and testing management.  Stephen Evans has joined the team to bring expertise on the challenges Covid has and continues to have on the hospitality sector and help to support clients where Tutum can provide their solutions.

Stephen Evans
Stephen Evans

Stephen adds his broad leisure and hospitality operations experience to Tutum Workplace with a respected career spanning over 20 years. As a visionary leader he is relied on to make an immediate and sustainable difference to businesses, with a demonstrated credibility throughout the sector as an effective developer of solutions. Stephen formed Food That Delights as Chairman, a business that provides effective consultancy sessions to leisure sector owners, operators and investors. Having a wide background as Chief Executive or as a Managing Director in the hospitality industry, including roles in Forte PLC, Whitbread PLC, Mustard Entertainment Restaurants Limited to name a few, ensures Stephen has the right experience to understand the problems being faced in the current climate.

With the responsibility of Covid guidance now falling to business owners, hospitality have an important role to protect not only the employees but the guests of their establishments. Many in the sector understand that should a Covid outbreak happen at one of their locations it could result in site closure, for an isolation period, which would cause a big loss in sales and waste. As this industry is still yet to fully recover financially from the pandemic the risk of closing sites may cause devastation of revenue and job loss.

Adding to their current duty of care they must now not only continue to provide their team with a safe place to work but also take on the responsibility of setting their own covid guidelines as the government ease restrictions. As one of the hardest hit sectors of the pandemic the hospitality industry understands first-hand the damage caused and that should another lockdown prevail, they would again be the first industry to close. Their duty of care also spreads to the protection of guests and providing them with the confidence that they are using a covid safe establishment as well as giving assurance to employees that guests are safe should certain precautions be left in place such as hand sanitiser and optional face masks.

Considering the above Stephen anticipates that the hospitality industry will need to be diligent and prove this diligence as we learn to live with covid and keep the sector open. The Government have announced that the free testing will remain available until at least the end of August but with no certainty after this, businesses will need a solution as Covid is not over and heading into the Autumn/Winter months holds increasing uncertainty.

We provide a solution that supports a business with their duty of care protecting employees, colleagues and guests by working alongside any testing regime.

Choosing to support our work, Stephen believes Tutum works well as a completely discrete system that understands the severity of data held, and a dashboard that is simple and easy to understand making this the perfect technology for a hospitality business of any size.

Our flexibility to be test agnostic will help to make the process of implementing and operating a solution into a hospitality business efficient. With the support of Stephen, we can gain a further understanding of the problems faced and the solutions needed throughout the hospitality and leisure sector.   

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